About Us

Onsite/Offsite Mechanical Industrial Technical Training (OMITT) is a technical training school delivering a nationally certified craft training program in Charlotte Inner-city and Mecklenburg County Jails for the past seven years bringing hope to the employed and underemployed.

OMITT has been in business for over ten years. The only concrete and financially rewarding alternative to a college degree is a national certified vocational skill/trade.

OMITT has been certifying in trades for years. There is a void in skilled craft workers across the United States, and we are committed to developing the skilled craftsmen of the future.

OMITT invloves an intense 400-hour nationally accredited course designed to encourage individuals to achieve personal and financial independence. Participants learn how to write their own personal mission statement and work through personailty profile tools.

OMITT empowers people to take charge of their lives and use their unique talents to increase relational and vocational success. We are helping to build communities one family at a time.

Located in Charlotte, NC OMITT is changing minds and futures!

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