Are you still undecided on what career path to pursue? Well, why not consider starting a career as a carpenter. This profession does not require a diploma, but getting yourself a good carpentry trade school like OMITT Trade School will provide you professional training, relevant skills and a certification that will open doors for employment and categorized you as a professional and qualified carpenter.
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A 9-hour program to instruct, demonstrate and prepare participants to become a safe forklift operator. OMITT Trade School offers rewarding and well sought after job opportunities for warehouses, construction sites and even big box stores who are seeking certified forklift operator's.
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OMITT Trade School offers a specialty course to any individual seeking to increase their knowledge and skills as well as increase the opportunity of landing the perfect job in the electrical trade industry as a certified electrician.
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20-week program on facility repair gives any student the chance to become a certified maintenance employee by training him/her to be a well-rounded person after having acquired the specific skills on construction and maintenance: plumbing, carpentry, painting, roofing, fixing doors and repairing of certain machines or equipment.
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OMITT Trade School offers a unique 4-week Green awareness program in answer to the growing need of most organizations to have their employees become environmentally and safety wise certified. The entire program focuses on: environment challenges, construction activities that may improve their LED Rating Process. The green awareness course tackles the basic understanding of Green concepts, structures as well as specific terminologies and the modern Green Mechanical technology.
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