At OMITT Trade School, beginners can have the opportunity to learn how to paint professionally with their first class and quick-paced painting program. Students will be given an overview of all the pre-technical skills needed like the safety working conditions with the chemicals they use and eventually learn to apply both hand and power tools.
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OMITT Trade Schools Solar PV Installation training course will prepare and teach students all about solar photovoltaic installation methods and technologies. Its aim is to provide entry level qualification for electrical helper's on both domestic and commercial sectors. If you want a career that will prepare you for the growing energy field is our Solar Photvoltaic Installation 20-week program is a great place to start.
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One of the most well sought trade skills in the industry right now is Welding. At OMITT Trade School, all students will gain a wide scope of knowledge on the welding theory and applications that will later qualify them for entry-level career opportunities in the field of welding and fabrication.
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OMITT Trade Schools HVAC 26-week program includes a well-detailed training course that covers the following areas: Mechanical Maintenance techniques, Basic Electrical Theory used with HVAC, Introduction to HVAC Formulas, HVAC Concepts, Safety Tools, Refrigerants, Controls, Troubleshooting Systems, Basic Heating Systems, Basic Cooling Systems, Air Distribution, Fasteners, Tubing and Piping
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